Attaching Methods to VirtualSpace events

Attaching Methods to VirtualSpace events

Attaching Methods to VirtualSpace events

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A Java method and its annotation are automatically created when adding a method to the VirtualSpace event in the VirtualSpace Property Editor. In this example, we will attach a method to the OnVSFocus First assign a vsGroup to the ‘state and focus’ property of a Panel. With the vsGroup selected in the VirtualSpace Editor, the Property Editor displays the ‘Connectors’ section in which you can choose from the following events: OnVSCreate, OnVSDestroy, OnVSFocus, OnVSChange, and OnVSState. By clicking the more “…” button to the right of the OnVSFocus property, you can create a new Java method – with the correct annotation – that will be called every time your Panel gains focus or loses focus.

Below is a simple Java method created through the Property Editor to react to the OnVSFocus event. The method tests the property isFocusGained in which the iizi API method setScreenOrientation is called. For the inverse case, when focus is lost, the unlockScreenOrientation method in called. Notice that the main VirtualSpace itself is referenced in the Java class, and that the client session is accessed by a reference to the iizi Client Gyro.

Creating Java methods on VirtualSpace events in the properties view of the VirtualSpace editor

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