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The following is a comprehensive list of components available in the current version of iiziGo. Where indicated, a component is classified specifically for mobile or for desktop. Some components require specific parent containers. All components have default properties that can be viewed and edited in the Property Editor.

 ButtonWith default border color change on mouse down
 Radio button 
 Tab Bar 
 Progress bar 
 Image component 
 Progress indicatorIndicates user interface is busy
 Switch        Mobile onlyCommon to phone and tablet interface
 Text FieldSingle line input text, output text
 Text AreaScrollable multi-line, input text, output text
 LabelDynamic and static output text
 Output textRequires a virtualspace connection
 TableColumnRequires Table container
 MapGoogle Map API
 Map Marker 

Mobile Only

List Items  List Container > List Group ContainerMobile Only
  Simple List Item



Checkbox List Item

Radio Button List Item
Text Field List Item
Combobox List Item
DateTime List Item
Switch List Item

Desktop Only

Menu Items Menu Bar Container > MenuDesktop Only
  Checked Item


Menu Item

Menu Separator

Radio Item


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