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There are two iiziGo setups possible: iiziGoJDKSetup and iiziGoSetup. iiziGoJDKSetup includes iiziGo and Java 8 SE Java Development Kit (JDK) update 152 configured for unlimited cryptography. A third packaging for is described below in Using iiziGo Jar installation.

You can find a detailed installation guide if you follow this link.

If you already downloaded the Java SE 8 Java Development Kit (JDK), select iiziGoSetup.

To install iiziGo, you will be directed to the iiziGo Setup Wizard as shown above to select the folder where your iiziGo will be installed. The location should not be under the “Program Files” folder as it is generally not write enabled. The default location is C:iiziGo or C:iiziGo-JDK depending on the selected setup type.

On opening iiziGo, you will be prompted to select a location for your iizi Workspace.

Eclipse should then by default open to the iizi Workspace with the iizi Explorer replacing the Eclipse Explorer. If not, click the iizi logo in the tool bar at uppermost top-right of the Eclipse window to change to the iizi Perspective.

To benefit from all iizi functionalities, we recommend working in the iizi Workspace for the entirety of your project. However, it is possible to work concurrently with other Eclipse configurations by switching back and forth between another Eclipse workspace and the iizi Workspace.

Using iiziGo Jar installation

A Jar image of an iiziGo installation is also available and is intended to be used by users that are very familiar with Eclipse and their traditional zip for Windows (tar.gz for Linux and dmg for macOS installations). iiziGo is packaged in this same way as the Eclipse counterparts. The Windows executable is named iizigo.exe.

Last Updated On June 11, 2018

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