Installing iiziGo under Windows

Installing iiziGo under Windows

Installing iiziGo under Windows

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The Windows installation generally requires Administrator’s privileges on the machine.

If you have a Java JDK 8 Update 151 or better, you can download and install the iiziGoSetup- executable Windows Installer, otherwise choose iiziGoSetupJDK- (numbered with a version number followed by a build revision number). Please note that a Java JRE is not sufficient as some tools in the Java JDK are used by iiziGo.

Under Windows 10, Windows Smart Screen often blocks the installer executable. Press “More info” followed by “Run anyway”.

Follow the installer wizard. At the end, choose to “Launch iiziGo”.

When iiziGo starts and the built-in web server opens the port, Windows Firewall could prompt you to allow javaw.exe to communicate over the network.

Important information about Anti-Virus

During installation and launch of iiziGo, some anti-virus software blocks Java Development Kit executables that are vital to running iiziGo. The files are typically javaw.exe and java.exe, but can also be iiziGo.exe. If you encounter an anti-virus warning or error to e.g. quarantine or remove those files, please reply No or Add an exception for them depending on your anti/virus software. These files are the original files from 64-bit version of Oracle Java Development Kit version 8.

You might have to create exceptions for the executables “iiziGo.exe”, “java.exe” (used by iiziGo when running the app in the iiziServer) and “javaw.exe” (used by Eclipse).

Getting Started

When iiziGo starts the first time, you register with the iizi License System and iizi Reward kick-back program. You will also receive your unique Developer ID that is tied to your email address. You will also receive a Code Signing Certificate that is used to sign the iiziApp jar file you create when distributing an app. The signing seals your Developer ID in the jar file. iiziServer will not load apps that are unsigned or has been tampered with in order to attempt to replace or remove your Developer ID.

Enter your email and recovery email (optional, but strongly recommended).

Once filled in, your email will receive an email to verify your email address.

Fill in the validation code, press “Validate now”. Then fill in the passwords (strong passwords are required) and complete with “Sign Up”.

On the next page, you fill in required data used for the Code Signing Certificate. This information is also used to generate a self-signed SSL certificate in case you wish to use a secure connection. The Pin Code is used with Mindus Support and can also serve as verification in case you forget your password.

Creating a template app

If you left the checkbox “Create a template iiziApp” on the first wizard page selected, you will be asked for the name of the template project name and what device types you wish to create the template for. You can also use multiple languages when developing if Create text tables with automatic translation is turned on.

If text tables are used, the page below is filled in with the languages you wish to develop the app for. The first language will be the “base language”. The other text files will have their texts automatically translated from this base language text table. Google Translate or Azure Cognitive Service for text translation is used. Please note that there are limitations as to how much can be translated as the services in general are paid services. iizi comes with a demo account with about 1000 free translations. You may reconfigure one or both of them with your own keys for the service in question.

If you choose a language other than English as the base language, the template app text table will first be translated from English to the selected language. The other tables are then translated from that table. Please note that English often gives a better result in the automatic translations, although the services only keeps on getting better and better.

The screen capture below shows the text tables opened in parallel with the base language first.

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