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If your web application requires designing the UI first, iiziGo provides a comprehensive drag and drop UI builder with an extensive list of UI components. No JavaScript or HTML development is required.

Your user interface builder in iiziGo is the Panel Editor and is based on the Panel Container. The Panel is always a main container for a view and will be the root container for UI components; each Panel can be thought of as a page. Having created your new project with Quickstart, there are already several Panels created for you. Start with the mainPhonePanel or mainTabletPanel by double clicking it in the iizi Explorer.

Components are selected by clicking on the component’s name in the Panel’s tree view or by clicking the component directly in the Design Editor. Multiple components are selected by using ctrl-click or shift-click. The Panel organizes its children and resizes in strict accordance with its Layout Manager. It is important to remember that a component’s available properties are also determined by the Layout Manager of its parent container.

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