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Java class and method connections

Java class and method connections

Your Java code can be connected to the VirtualSpace through a Java class that uses the iizi Annotations for Java shown above.

Creating annotations for a class is automatic when you create a class through the Java Class property in the Property Editor. The iizi Annotation is created with the class. With this automated approach, iiziGo has already created a back reference for the VirtualSpace participant.

Creation of a new Java class for a VirtualSpace

Creating annotations for a method is also automatic when you create a method through the properties of a VirtualSpace entity in the VirtualSpace Editor. In the example below, the method will be connected to the OnVSChange property of a vsGroup. The iizi Annotation is created with the method, and the method is created with the correct Java Method Signature. With this automated approach, iiziGo has already created a back reference for the VirtualSpace participant. It is recommended to use Ctrl-shift-S, Save All, frequently, as you make major changes to your Panels, Text tables and VirtualSpace entities. This will enable iiziGo to update the many references needed to maintain live connections between your source code, Panels and VirtualSpace.


Creating Methods through the properties view of the VirtualSpace editor
What does it mean?

What does it mean?

If your web application includes Java code from a previous project or has been partially developed in another IDE, you can paste your Java code and folder structure into iiziGo after creating a new iizi Quickstart project. During deployment for distribution, all directories and libraries are packed into your iiziApp.

Having started with Quickstart, a main Java class is created for you in the src package. This has been named with your iizi project’s name, and contains the minimal iizi Annotations necessary for integrating your Java code into your iiziApp; you can connect your Java project through this class. At present – version 1.0 – only one Java class can serve as the annotated entry point for a VirtualSpace or a UI Panel.

A Java class annotation and three annotated Java methods

All references to iizi elements are made using a reference path name in the following format: “module:/path/name”. Java code is updated and changed using Eclipse refactoring mechanisms whenever required.

Your Java classes can be annotated to a VirtualSpace directly while your Java methods will have annotations to VirtualSpace entities. In the iizi Platform you do not normally add the ‘listeners’ that are common in UI programming; instead, you connect a method to the place requiring the specific functionality.

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