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VirtualSpace connections

VirtualSpace connections

Whether you have started working on your new iiziApp through the UI, data-source or Java code, you have already made some connections to a VirtualSpace. It is recommended that you create the four possible VirtualSpace entities inside of vsGroups; these entities can then be updated and controlled individually or simultaneously by updating the vsGroup. This means that the VirtualSpace is likely to be a representation of the data model at a specific application instance.

To connect the UI components to VirtualSpace entities, the Panel must first be connected to a VirtualSpace. In this way, you will connect UI components that handle data to a VirtualSpace entity. UI components which handle actions, such as buttons, are likely to have a vsAction property.

  • Click the more “…” button in the value field of the VirtualSpace property of the Panel.
Connect a panel to VirtualSpace from the property editor.
  • Select to connect to a VirtualSpace by either creating one or selecting a VirtualSpace.
  • Create a vsField in the VirtualSpace Editor.
Connect a component to a VirtualSpace entity from the property editor.
  • Connect the component to the vsField.
  • Click the more “…” menu in the value field of the vsAction property to create a vsAction or connect to an already existing.
The vsAction property under Actions in a button component’s properties.

The VirtualSpace supports drag and drop of itself and its components using the Link operation. You can create a connection between the drag-dropped elements and the destination; the destination can be a Panel or its components, a Data Connector or its data input or output.

What is the iizi VirtualSpace?

What is the iizi VirtualSpace?

You can create a main VirtualSpace for your application or use the VirtualSpace provided from the iizi Quickstart project. The main VirtualSpace will allow you to create flexible code by directly referencing VirtualSpace Tables, Fields, Groups and Actions. These virtual entities carry all the data required, consequently, they will trigger and respond to client interaction, device states and events. The VirtualSpace of your project allows multi-directional data binding throughout your application.


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