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What does it mean?

What does it mean?

If your web application includes Java code from a previous project or has been partially developed in another IDE, you can paste your Java code and folder structure into iiziGo after creating a new iizi Quickstart project. During deployment for distribution, all directories and libraries are packed into your iiziApp.

Having started with Quickstart, a main Java class is created for you in the src package. This has been named with your iizi project’s name, and contains the minimal iizi Annotations necessary for integrating your Java code into your iiziApp; you can connect your Java project through this class. At present – version 1.0 – only one Java class can serve as the annotated entry point for a VirtualSpace or a UI Panel.

A Java class annotation and three annotated Java methods

All references to iizi elements are made using a reference path name in the following format: “module:/path/name”. Java code is updated and changed using Eclipse refactoring mechanisms whenever required.

Your Java classes can be annotated to a VirtualSpace directly while your Java methods will have annotations to VirtualSpace entities. In the iizi Platform you do not normally add the ‘listeners’ that are common in UI programming; instead, you connect a method to the place requiring the specific functionality.

Setup requirements and updates

Setup requirements and updates

iiziGo is based on Eclipse and comes in 3 installation types for Windows:

  • Win64 iiziGo setup executable including Java SE 8 JDK.
  • Win64 iiziGo setup executable without Java.
  • Jar file containing an image of iiziGo using. To start iiziGo, launch the iizigo.exe executable.

For the two latter installations, you must have a 64-bit Java Development Kit (JDK) Java SE 8 update 151 or better.

For macOS, a Disk Image (.dmg file) installs iiziGo without Java JDK. You must install e.g. Oracle JDK 8 or AdoptOpenJDK 8 with Hotspot or better.

Minimum Setup Requirements

The iiziGo is released for Windows and macOS. The following minimum specifications are required to work with iiziGo:

  • You must have access to admin privileges on your system.
  • A large screen (typically 27” or better) with a high resolution, minimum size in “Full HD” (1920×1080) but higher is strongly recommended (typically 2560×1600 or better).
  • 8 GB of RAM or greater (16 GB recommended).
  • Windows 7 64-bit version or better or macOS Sierra or better.
  • Optionally Chrome (Canary) for developers.
  • 64-bit Java Development Kit (JDK) SE 8 update 151 or better. This does not apply if you choose to install the Win64 iiziGo setup that includes Java.

The iiziGo Eclipse Java process is by default configured to 2 GB Heap Size in iiziGo.ini located in the installation directory.

Versions and updates

Easily update iiziGo as you would any Eclipse plugin; go to Help > Check for updates, or click on the update prompt when update notifications appear in your iiziGo IDE.

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