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Database transaction types

Database transaction types

The SQL Builder supports the SQL Query Statement types SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE and DELETE. If the statement syntax does not match these types, the SQL builder helper parts are disabled. The SQL syntax is always verified and errors are shown with red squiggly underlines. Hover the mouse over this location to display a tooltip which will indicate the current problem. To re-enable the SQL Builder, correct the SQL syntax and make sure to have the correct types that are listed above.

Select the context menu item Omit Current Schema, followed by selecting the checkbox for SQL statement generation:

Statement generation for database connector
Database connector editor

As the statement builds up, the left side will show the result set columns with the SQL datatypes.

Database editor

Database editor

The Database Editor consists of an SQL Builder that helps you build your query statement. On the left of the Database Editor, you define the properties for the Input and the Result and the connections to a VirtualSpace.

Database Connector editor

SQL Builder

The top-right entry field is used to input or build the SQL query statement. The right-middle area is used to specify the tables and columns and to create join’s. The right-bottom part specifies sorting, conditions, grouping, etc.

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