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Importing Images

Importing Images

All image types that are accepted by modern browsers are accepted in iiziGo. Use the Image Component to add images and graphics to your app or its content. All static images and graphics used in your iiziApp must have an Image Definition. For how to dynamically load images and graphics refer to Dynamically loading Images at Runtime.

All images and graphics for you iiziApp should be kept in your Assets folder. Copy and paste files and folders into the Assets folder or right click and import your image as you would any other asset into Eclipse. Before an image can be used in the application, the image file must be present in the Assets folder.

svg image file support

The Image component supports svg files. Image Definitions for SVG files are distinct from other Image Definitions. If the svg image displays differently than expected or will not display at all, you will have to open the file in an appropriate image editor and explore the svg mark-up. Search for the <svg> tag at beginning of file and delete everything before the tag.

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