Using Selectors

Using Selectors

Using Selectors

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Perhaps the most common Selector is the device match, Dev, used to match a feature belonging to the end-user device. The available device properties are divided into the following feature groups with the following prefixes: Capabilities cap, Orientation orient, Size size, Type type and Operating System os. A selector expression with Dev is used to provide a UI design that matches a device, a specific device capability, device type or device operating system.

There are two ways to match environment variables using either the Wild Card WC, or RegExp to match an environment variable in a regular expression. Selector expressions using an environment variable can be used to find progressive devices such as wearables and WebTV.

Further customization is possible through selector expressions using the Java keyword that allow you to direct your application flow through a custom java class designed to handle advanced or unknown devices. The Selector editor will create a Java class for you or guide you to connect an existing class.

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